For Home Owners, Real Estate Brokers and Home Builders

With over 15 years experience working for builders, home owners and real estate brokers, I can help you sell your property quicker and for more money. I offer various levels of service to help maximize your home's appeal to potential buyers. My curated spaces enable your photos to shine online, resulting in more showings and a quicker sale.


Sellers Prep Plan

My signature service where I will walk you through your entire property and create a custom, step-by-step Home Prep Plan that enables you to prepare your home to look its best for property photos and showings.

Most owners need a fresh pair of eyes and the direction of an interior designer to maximize your home's appeal to gain a quicker sale for more money.


Sellers reDesign

The redesign package includes the Home Prep Plan and an additional appointment where I return and to reposition and style your home's existing furniture and decor to the best of its ability before the photo shoot.


Supplement the existing decor with modern pillows, lighting and accessories.

Available for a nominal price.

Photo Combo

Your choice of the Sellers Prep Plan or Seller's reDedsign and an art directed professional interior and exterior photo shoot. You will receive 20-35 high-quality real estate photographs to showcase your listing and reach prospective buyers.

Price varies on square footage.

Typically $500-700

Furniture rental options available for vacant or under-furnished homes.